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How it Works

Unlock the power of AI for a clutter-free, secure, and efficient email experience.

Smart Sorting

CleanBox.AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to organize your emails based on their importance. No longer spend unnecessary time sifting through unimportant emails.

Spam and Scam Detection

We’ve trained our AI on thousands of examples of sales and spam emails. It recognizes telltale patterns, enabling it to quickly identify and separate out these emails for your review.

Phishing Protection:

Keep your inbox secure. Our tool is designed to detect phishing attempts, alerting you before you click on any potentially harmful links.

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Benefits of Using CleanBox.ai

Efficiency, security, and clarity in your inbox.

Time Efficiency

Spend less time managing your inbox and more time focusing on what matters. Let CleanBox.AI handle the email clutter.

No Unwanted Sales Pitches

Avoid the onslaught of sales emails. With our sophisticated detection system, you can focus on the emails that truly matter.

Secure Your Inbox

Protect yourself from harmful phishing attempts. With our advanced phishing detection, your security is our priority.

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What CleanBoxers are saying

Hear from those experiencing email zen.
Robby Frank
Robby Frank
Head of Growth, InfluencerMarketing.ai
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CleanBox.AI revolutionized how I handle my inbox. It saves me time and I feel much more secure. Highly recommended for anyone overwhelmed with emails!
Ilan Missulawin
Ilan Missulawin
Co-Founder, LiteSite
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As a business owner, I get a lot of emails, most of them are scams and irrelevant sales pitches. With CleanBox.AI, I can focus on what truly matters.
Eran Nizri
Eran Nizri
Founder and CEO, LEADERS
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CleanBox.AI's phishing detection is on point. It gives me an extra layer of security and peace of mind while going through my daily emails.

Frequently asked questions

Solving your curiosities, 
one FAQ at a time.

CleanBox.AI uses advanced AI algorithms trained on a wide range of email data. It considers factors such as sender, content, and your previous interactions to make this distinction.

No, CleanBox.AI won’t delete any email. It will only sort and mark them for your review.

Our phishing detection feature is trained on thousands of examples and it’s continually updated. However, no solution is 100% foolproof. We recommend users to continue practicing safe online behavior.

CleanBox.AI is currently compatibale with Google and Outlook-based email accounts. However, soon we will be giving access to all other major mail services. If you have any special requests, our support team is here to help.

Yes, CleanBox.AI offers customization options. Users can provide feedback and rules based on personal email sorting preferences. Over time, the system adapts to your specific needs, improving its accuracy in sorting emails according to your preferences.

CleanBox Free is a free version of CleanBox.AI that allows you to utilize its email sorting and organizing capabilities. With CleanBox Free, you can manage one email account, receive limited reports, set custom rules, and receive a daily summary of your email activity. However, the email sorting process occurs every 24 hours.


CleanBox Pro is a paid subscription plan offered by CleanBox.AI. With CleanBox Pro, you have access to more advanced features. For $2.95 per month, you can manage up to 10 email accounts, receive full reports on your email activity, set custom rules, receive a daily summary, and benefit from the Phishing Guard feature. Additionally, the email sorting process occurs every 5 minutes, providing real-time organization of your inbox.


The Phishing Guard feature is a part of CleanBox.AI’s advanced security measures. It helps protect you from phishing attempts by detecting suspicious emails that may contain harmful links or fraudulent content. The Phishing Guard feature alerts you to potential phishing threats, allowing you to exercise caution and avoid clicking on harmful links.


Yes, you can downgrade your subscription from CleanBox Pro to CleanBox Free. If you decide to switch to the free version, you will still be able to use CleanBox.AI to organize your emails, but you will have access to fewer features and a longer sorting interval.


The frequency of the email sorting process with CleanBox.AI depends on the subscription plan. CleanBox Free performs email sorting every 24 hours, while CleanBox Pro offers a faster sorting interval of every 5 minutes, providing real-time organization of your inbox.


CleanBox.AI takes the security of your emails and personal information seriously. It employs advanced security measures, including encryption protocols, to safeguard your data. Additionally, CleanBox.AI’s phishing detection feature helps protect you from potential email-based security threats, such as phishing attempts.

Experience AI in your inbox

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